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Josh Martin Roofing will:

  • Furnish all permits, labor, materials, equipment, tools, and services necessary for the proper installation and completion of your roofing project.


  • Use workmen who are trained and experienced in installing flat roof systems..The building will be kept dry from the elements and every reasonable attempt will be made to complete the project as scheduled. 


  • Do their best to control and prepare the area from debris and dust before the project begins.  We will prepare the ground area for the project before it begins.  Tarps will be laid under problem areas to prevent debris.  We suggest that all valuable items in yard, parking areas, grass, and/or attic areas be moved or protected by the owner. If you have a satellite dish on your roof, you will have to have it realigned after roof installation is completed.


Your Proposal

After the inspection and analysis, Josh will provide you with a proposal and explain the degree of work he recommends, along with warranty, and pricing options.  If you have any questions, feel free to call the office at 262-883-8000.


Roofing manufactures carry different warranties.  Depending on the type of roof and materials that are used, depends on the manufacturing warranty.   Josh will go over all of these choices in detail as part of the proposal.

Quality at its BEST !!!
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